Natural Gas Vehicle H.R. 1380 Congress Promotion

Tulsa Flyer energy now interview

CNG Oklahoma interview with EnergyNOW! TV news magazine

In October, 2011 Influence Haus promoted the cross country promotional tour of a natural gas powered vehicle culminating with a Capitol Hill media event. The “Tulsa Flyer” Ford F-250 powered by CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) completed a 3,000 mile journey from Santa Monica, California to Washington D.C. on October 26, 2011.

Representative John Sullivan (R-OK-01) greeted the Tulsa Flyer team upon their arrival at the U.S. Capitol. The Tulsa Flyer promotion generated awareness and support for H.R. 1380, New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act of 2011 (Nat Gas Act) to provide federal tax credits on CNG vehicles. It is well documented that natural gas is clean, cheap, abundant, creates jobs and can help end the billions of petroleum dollars the U.S. exports every day.


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